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Maverick & Elli
9 baby's Born     December   6th          2023


Proud Parents 

Elli May's Background:

Black & Tan  with Long coat 

Dm clear 

Born  7/6/2021  

AKC name Tipi S Ranch's Elly may

 Long coat black/tan.

Elly has Schh titled UKC lines and old American lines. In Elly's Pedigree she has Int'l Champion, HD, SCHH1 SCHH2, SCHH3, BHVT, IPO3, VPG3, BH/VT, UAAGI, CDX, TD FH, CBC, ZPS1, FH1, FPR1, ZVV1. KKL1 IPO3

Elly has Royalair blood line, strong working lines on her mom's side and all white show lines on her dad's side.

She has an amazing temperament, medium  drive, a strong willingness to please and love and will  all so carry white.  Elly is the great great granddaughter to Congo Volker and some wonderful white lines also. She came from Wolfgang Haus GSD blood line.   Elly is so smart and LOVES to run and play in the water she is going to have beautiful puppies should get white and black/tan and sable and maybe black puppies.  LOVES to be in the house and with the family or outside.

Maverick's background:  DM Clear

AKC Name:  TiPi S Ranch's Bear Cub

West German Lines, Working Lines, Show Lines



OFA Parents & Grandparents

VA1 Nass

V8 B5ZS (Tuareg Von Bad-Ball)


Excellent Temperament

Dog German shepherd_edited.jpg
Black & Tan dog_edited.jpg
Texas German Shepherd
Shepherd puppys_edited.jpg
Puppy Texas_edited.jpg
Shepherd pup_edited.jpg
Silver sable Shepherd_edited.jpg

TiPi S Ranch's German Shepherds

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