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Established 1998

Passed AKC Inspection 100%

Elly May

Elegant Title

long hair german shepherd.jpg
Short hair German Shepherd.jpg

Elly May                Watch ME Grow up, I'm gonna have Fun. 

Black & Tan  with Long coat 

Dm clear 

Born  7/6/2021  
AKC name Tipi S Ranch's Elly may

 Long coat black/tan.

Elly has Schh titled UKC lines and old American lines. In Elly's Pedigree she has Int'l Champion, HD, SCHH1 SCHH2, SCHH3, BHVT, IPO3, VPG3, BH/VT, UAAGI, CD, TT, CBC, ZPS1, FH1, FPR1, ZVV1.

Elly has Roya lair blood line, strong working lines on her mom's side and all white show lines on her dad's side.

She has an amazing temperament, medium  drive, a strong willingness to please and love and will  all so carry white.  Elly is the great great granddaughter to Congo Volker and some wonderful white lines also. She came from Wolfgang Haus GSD blood line.   Elly is so smart and LOVES to run and play in the water she is going to have beautiful puppies should get white and black/tan and sable and maybe black puppies.  LOVES to be in the house and with the family or outside.

MAVERICK I'm getting bigger every day.

Bloack & Tan GSD.jpg

TiPi S Ranch's Bear Cub 


Sire Born: 15. March 2022

Black & Tan Plush


White German Shepherd.jpg
GSD Ducky.jpg


German Shepherd Dog - Female

TiPi S Ranch's Sunshine 

Plush Coat

Dam born: 10. April 2021

                                           DUCKY,  I am having so much fun growing 

Dm clear  

Background:  DUCKY  has B-K'S background, imported lines, and show lines. 

Ducky is a very SWEET girl she love's to play with TOYS and if she can't find TOYS she will bring you sticks and LOVES to be with her family very smart and learn fast, &  likes to go for runs and to be in the house, likes to go for rides.

Bella, I am all Grown up Now !

BElla German Shepherd.jpg
German Shepherd Bella.jpg

                                 BELLA our beautiful White girl.

Born 1/7/2020.          

German Shepherd Dog - Female

TiPi S Ranch's Blizzard 


Background:  Bella has B-K'S background, imported lines, and show lines.  Bella LOVES to work and play, she is a sweet girl always wants to be with you she loves to play in the water and run on our 25 acres of land. LOVES to come in the house and be with the family and go on rides she is a good mother to her puppies. 


GSD Reverse Mask.jpg
Shepherd German.jpg

JASPER: I have grown up to be a big big Teddy bear.

TiPi S Ranch's Wind Talker                                                                           
ScHH1, ScHH2, ScHH3, HD, SV, Sch1, Sch3, IPO3, FH, ZM, ZVV1, VH1, VH2, CD, IP3, FH

Sire Born: 10. September 2018

TiPi S Ranch's German Shepherds

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