Our Breeding Males and Females

Osha is a female Black/Tan German Shepherd. She is the Daughter of Haley & Prinston. Osha is so very sweet, Loving, Gentle. She loves Children and plays all day. Really loves the water. She has a awesome Pedigree. In her Pedigree  Mother and father of Osha are both OFA.  MY PEDIGREE, Great Grandfather V Largo Vom Breidenbacher-Schloss OFA My mom and dad both OFA My mother pedigree is West and German Lines working line SchH 1,2,3 KKL1 DDR My fathers pedigree is OFA Hips and Elbows

Snowy our white female. Snowy's Pedigree is all White. She is so sweet and a great personality.  Her Grandfather was cruiser and  Grandmother was stormy all lived here on TiPi S Ranch. My uncle Hurricane also lived here after returning to us at age 8 and now you can see them all on the Pets in Heaven link. You can see my dad under Thank you letters from people. Click to see Snowy's full pedigree:  Snowy's

Shakira is our beautiful black girl.  Shakira is a loveable girl with a really good temperament. She loves to run and chase the other dogs, and be brushed, and play ball.  Shakira has beautiful puppy's and is such a good mother with a loving and protective personality. Check out Shakira's Pedigree.



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Shakira: Check out Shakira's Pedigree. This is just a few of the things that Shakira has in her pedigree. Leerburg lines, Heisperberg lines, SCHH3/FH/IP3 DDR SGR 1980, V- 2* ( V- BSP ), SCHH3, IPO3, 298 SCORE FOR BSP CH,  SCHH111 IPO3 WH,TT,CD HIC,FH--INT 2X VA1,   CERTIFIED DUAL PURPOSE POLICE DOG, V-INT CH DDR SIEGER SCHH3 3XBSP, V-BSP, SCHH3, FH, SCHH3/FH/IP3 V-INT CH, V-INT CH, Click Here for Shakira's  pedigree Click here for Shakira full pedigree

Klondike: Our big boy. He is a silver sable reverse mask Large Breed German Shepherd. Klondike is a loving family dog and a family protector. He loves to play. Klondike throws some awesome pups. Click to see His full pedigree: Klondike

Harley: is Black & Tan GSD 90 LBS He has been DM tested and is clear. In his blood line, HD, OFA's,  FH, IP3, SCHH1, SCHH2, SCHH3, SV, SchH2,3 / VA1,  V cyro vom Haus Zimmer, VA2 Jeck Vom Noricm, Texas Bruno, Ulla Von Flat II, Bear Claw Hardin, Hard Drive.

Click here to see Harley's full pedigree:   Harley's 

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Harley 5.jpg.opt410x307o0,0s410x307